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Manual Threshold Segmentation

Threshold Level Settings:
The formula:
TSS = (HPC + LPC)/2
can be used to set the the manual threshold segmentation settings, where HPC is the highest pixel color for a given color and LPC is the lowest pixel color for a given color. TSS is the threshold segmentation setting for a specific color. For instance, if HPC = 255 and LPC = 145 so TSS = (255 + 145) / 2 = 200 for each color.The value of the red, green, and blue are the value of the pixel that is underneath the cursor when you right click the mouse. Any thresholdLevel above 255 is invalid. Valid threshold settings are 0 through 255. To set %ThresholdLevel to 200 (0xC8) for red, 201 (0xC9) for green, and 202 (0xCA) for blue, the setting is %ThresholdLevel = 13158858 where 13158858 = 0xC8C9CA.

The Autoset needs to be unchecked.

Menu Selection:
Noise -> Set Threshold Segmentation

Macro Screen Shot:
Set thresholdlevel.png image

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