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Single Stepping the Macros

Single stepping executes the current line, stop at the first possible occasion (either in a function that is called or in the current function). It then continues execution until the next line in the current function is reached.

Launch the Pac-n-Zoom, from the Pac-n-Zoom GUI menu, choose Macro This will give the Macro drop down menu as shown in the following screenshot.

The Pac-n-Zoom Macro Menu: Set macromenu.png

On the macro drop down menu, choose "Toggle Step On/Off" or press "Alt + T" on the keyboard, this will switch the macro to single stepping mode. From the macro drop down menu, click on Run Macro button, a list of macros in the current working directory will be displayed as shown below:

Step through a macro window:
Set macrowindow.png

Select the macro that you want to step through and click the Ok button. On the Macro drop down menu, click on "Single Step" button until you get below the macro. As you step through the macro, the macro files will be displayed on the screen. You can also check the Pac-n-Zoom status bar to see what you are stepping through.

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