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Contour Line Examples

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This might be more of an equipment
test than a contour line

The colors on the two images to
the right might seem brighter than
those on the left. The images are
all the same brightness. If right
images are brighter, it is because
the brightest part of the image is
closer to the center of the

It might seem as if there are
contour lines in the original
image, but every pixel is
a different color than its
horizontally adjacent neighbors.
Therefore there are no blobs wider
than 1 pixel in the original
image. Any contour lines are
probably from an alias (probably
an inductance problem in the video
frequency spectrum).

The contour lines on the "Tier 2
Setting: 8" image should be
visible. Any valid visible contour
lines on the "Tier 2 Setting: 2"
image should be exactly 4 times
thinner than those at the 8
setting. If they are not, an alias
is visible.
Original Image Tier 2 Setting: 2
Original Image Fine Tier 2 Setting
Tier 2 Setting: 8 Tier 2 Setting: 20
Medium Tier 2 Setting Coarse Tier 2 Setting

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