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Creating a Macro Using a Text Editor

Creating a Macro Using a Text Editor

The following are the steps needed to create a macro using a text editor:
1. Type the macro into the text editor e.g.:
%CWD="c:\\Program Files\\Colorcom\\Pac-n-Zoom\\"
%AutoThresholdLevel = 0
%ThresholdHighReal = 0
%ThresholdLowReal = 0
%ThresholdLevel = 13158600
2. Save the macro. In this example, we will save the macro to the current working directory (CWD). The macro is saved with a *.pzm extension (e.g., DH_1_Seg.pzm).

3. Save the file, "DH_1.bmp", in the CWD.

4. From the Pac-n-Zoom® GUI menu, select Macro -> Run Macro.

5. A list will come up that shows the Pac-n-Zoom macro in the CWD as shown in the following screen shot.
The Pac-n-Zoom macro screen shot:
Set macro.png
6. When you select the macro and click "OK", the file will be written and displayed on the screen.
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