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How to record Pac-n-Zoom® Macro

  1. Launch Pac-n-Zoom
  2. From Pac-n-Zoom GUI menu choose
    (Macro -> Record Macro)
  3. Enter a macro name and description (No spaces or punctuation allowed on the macro name). In the example given below, the macro name is "MACRO1"

The PnZ macro screenshot:
Set pnzmacro.png

  1. Click the ok button, and the recording session will begin.
  2. Then open the file, for this case we are using ( DH_1.bmp)
  3. Set the threshold level manually(deselect Autoset):
    On Pac-n-Zoom menu click
    Noise -> Set Threshold Segmentation
  4. Run threshold segmentation: to do this, from the Pac-n-Zoom menu bar, click on
    Noise -> Run Threshold Segmentation or press on "ctrl + T" on the keyboard.
  5. Save the file in the current working directory (CWD) as ("DH_1_Seg.bmp)
  6. Click the Stop Recording button on the GUI menu:
    Macro->Stop Recording, or click on Stop Recording button on the Pac-n-Zoom tool bar. This will generate a macro that looks like the macro given below:

    %Description="PnZ Macro recorded on 17/12/09"
    Open("C:\Program Files\Colorcom\Pac-n-Zoom\DH_1.bmp")
    SaveAs("C:\Program Files\Colorcom\Pac-n-Zoom\DH_1_seg.bmp")

  7. Run the macro by choosing macro->Run macro from the Pac-n-Zoom GUI menu
    or click on the Run button on the Pac-n-Zoom tool bar
  8. A list of macro in the CWD will appear, select on the recorded macro and click ok.
    The file (DH_1.bmp) will be written and displayed on the screen.

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