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Auto-Set Edge Detection Segmentation

GUI Usage:
An image must be loaded to activate the noise menu selection. To set the auto-set segmentation color difference use:

Noise -> Set Autoset Segmentation (Cntrl + S)

A pop-up allows you to set the color difference. This page demonstrates how the color difference setting affects the image. A color difference of 2 to 4 works well on photos, while a color difference of 10 could be used for videos. For animation, the color difference can be adjusted to strike the right balance between vectors and quality. Save your settings by clicking "OK". To run the auto-set segmentation use:

Noise -> Run Autoset Segmentation (Alt + A)

Macro Usage:
The auto-set edge detection segmentation macro syntax is not firm as of yet, but Autoseg() is used to run the auto-set segmenter on a single image, %ColorDiff is used to set the color difference.

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