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Tier One Border Setting Samples

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   To obtain the images below, the
original image should be segmented 
using only the tier one
segmentation with the display tier
one border option selected.

   The software routines that
produce the images use the
following algorithms.

   1. Initial Segmenation: The
      image is segmented into tier
      one regions with edge
      detection segmentation.

   2. Image Restoration: As a part
      of an image restoration
      procedure, the color is
      swept along steepest slopes
      that also demarcate a tier
      one regions.

   3. Regional Average: The tier
      one regions are averaged
      into tier one blobs. Then
      the tier one blobs are

   The procedures and images are
intended to aid the setting of the
tier one blob. The images are not
processed by other parts of the
Original Image Correctly Segmented
Tier 1 Setting: 90
Original Image Correctly Segmented
Setting Too Low Setting Too High
Tier 1 Setting: 10 Tier 1 Setting: 120
Original Image Correctly Segmented

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