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Data Tagger
The data tagger is the raster to vector converter. It is setup as a non-von-Neumann computer in the data tagger configuration (hence the name).

In a non-von-Neumann computer the data and the instructions are the same thing. A robust solution needs to be able to interpret every possible data combination into some set of instructions.

The Pac-n-Zoom® data tagger can handle any possible data combination. The same thing, however, could be said of a resistor or a wire. The other robust aspect of a raster to vector converter is the quality of the output (the vector).

The output from the Pac-n-Zoom data tagger is called primitive vector, because it can be translated to various types of more advanced vector.

A nearly all important characteristic of the vector output is whether it is renderable vector. In other words, are ray tracing , resolution enhancement , intelligent extraction , picture stitching , model building, and almost any number of other mathematical functions supported? The Pac-n-Zoom primitive vector meets this requirement.

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